Local authority specification:

  • One internal facing camera
  • Minimum of 7 days 24 hour recording
  • One panic button and system health indicator

Powering on and off your 4eyez system

Your 4eyez CCTV system can be powered on by using the switch located close to where the box has been installed, usually in the boot of your vehicle. Your installer should show you where exactly the power switch is. There is an LED indicator on the switch if it is lit up, the system will have power. Once you have activated the switch the system will take around 20 seconds to turn on. The very same switch will also power down the system and should chime when it is powered down.

How your audio recording works

Your 4eyez CCTV system comes equipped with two audio buttons. These buttons are usually attached to either or both courtesy light/s in the vehicle. The buttons are located in the front and rear of your vehicle to ensure that they are accessible at all times by all passengers and the driver. The system records video at all times but will not record audio unless either of the buttons is activated. When the audio button is pressed the system records both video and audio into one synchronized file. You can clearly see when audio is being recorded as the button will light up to indicate this.

Additional Information

In addition to the audio buttons and cameras, you will have a system heath indicator. This will have three LED lights on it. The green light is to show that the system is recording, the yellow is to show that the unit is powered and the red is for faults.

Your 4eyez CCTV system is wired to a permanent live source. This is in order to adhere to your council specification which states that the system must have access to power, even when the ignition is switched off. So, make sure to turn the system off when it is not needed, otherwise it could drain your battery.

What do I do if any issues occur?

If any issues occur then don’t hesitate to contact us so that we are able to rectify the problem with minimal inconvenience. All our systems come with a 12-month warranty as standard. If you have any further questions about your system, please contact us as soon as possible. Not forgetting that on the 12 month anniversary of the original installation your system should be brought in for annual maintenance. Please talk to your local installer or call 4eyez on 01142 998 694 and talk to us about your options.


Any interference with any component of the system is not allowed. Including repositioning of cameras or audio buttons. This will invalidate your warranty and result in a failure to comply with council specification and license revocation.

As the registered driver of your vehicle, you are solely responsible for ensuring that your 4eyez CCTV system is powered on while the vehicle is in use as a private hire taxi. Failure to turn on your system at the start of every shift could result in you being penalized for failure to comply with the council legislation and lead to your license being revoked and legal action taken against you.


Thank you for choosing 4eyez your independent witness. This User Guide is here to help you understand your system and how to get the most out of it. In this manual we will be covering:

  • How your system works
  • How your system health button works
  • how to contact us should you need us
  • Incident procedure

How your system works

By request of the council a 4eyez system must turn on with the start of the car. In addition, when needed the system can be turned on using the switch in the boot space. Your vehicle will have a minimum of 1 cameras inside the vehicle. These cameras are able to see all passengers inside the vehicle and will always record video. In addition to your cameras, you will have two audio buttons installed in convenient places for all personal inside the vehicle to reach. When these buttons are activated, the camera will start to record audio as well as video. You can tell when the button has been pressed and audio is on by the built in LED indicator. When the light is on, so is the audio. The final piece of equipment installed inside the car is the system health indicator. All of the data is inaccessible to you and stored on the MDVR fitted in the car. The MDVR is not to be tampered with under any circumstance. Any tampering from anybody who is not authorised to work on the box will result in your warranty being voided.

The system health indicator

The system health indicator will be placed inside the vehicle and should be visible to the driver. Built into the device are three LED indicators Green, Yellow and Red.

LED Colour Status Description
Green Always on System is recording
Yellow Always on DVR is on
Red Blinking slowly Error – no disk found

How to contact us should you need us?

You can find us on our website at cctv.taxi.

Or if you wish, you can contact us by either phone 0114 299 8694 or Email info@4eyez.co.uk

Incident procedure

Should an incident occur and we need to retrieve footage, do not contact us immediately. Please instead, contacts the relevant persons as dictated by your councils’ guidelines. Once the proper procedure has been started, we will be brought in to deal with any incident that we are required to respond to.