We design, develop & install evidential mobile CCTV & tracking solutions for the UK-wide taxi & private hire sector

Our reliable recorders see everything — securely storing the evidence you need to fight back against unfair legal action, back you up following road traffic accidents, record any acts of violence to ensure your personal safety, and assist drivers and fleet managers to optimise driving.

Our CCTV systems are ideal for:

  • Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles
  • Commercial Vans and Trucks
  • Buses and Coaches
  • Fleet managers

We’re proud to say that 4eyez tech has been proven to bring about positive outcomes for our customers. A professional driving career can occasionally result in the unfortunate incidents that take place on our roads. We’re happy to help settle disputes and protect our customers with our custom-built, reliable, secure technology.

Whether it’s in court, liaising with the police, dealing with insurance companies, or to settle a work dispute — 4eyez is your reliable witness.

We’ve designed every aspect of the 4eyez mobile CCTV systems to be innovative, functional, and reliable. With many of our customers in the Taxi and Private Hire sectors, our systems are a smart choice for drivers who want video evidence they can rely on.

Reliable and Effective

The 4eyez system is approved by Local Authority licensing departs up and down the county, is proven in court, and its reliability is second to none on the market. According to some, our systems are the most reliable. Unlike many other dash cam and taxi specific systems, 4eyez actually tells you if there is an issue that means footage is not being recorded by way of a dash mounted LED display. No other system in the UK market currently achieves this, making 4eyez the superior choice for reliable CCTV footage.

Say goodbye to high insurance and legal fees

Having a reliable mobile CCTV system on board your vehicle can reduce your insurance costs. With evidence to irrefutably back up or disprove any claim, this is a win-win for you and for your insurers. With strong evidence on your side, this can also help to reduce your legal fees if you ever have to go to court.

Efficient, safe driving

We’ve seen our customers use the 4eyez system to reduce the cost of motoring, helping owners and fleet managers to educate their drivers in fuel efficient driving, as well as driving in a way that prevents unnecessary vehicle maintenance. The 4eyez system can reliably and securely stream live footage to the fleet manager, acting as your reliable witness at all times should anything go wrong.

Encrypted and secure

The 4eyez system is dependable and secure. It has reliable and secure data encryption installed, meaning your data cannot be accessed or tampered with. This ensures that your recovered data is 100% secure and is evidential by default.

Bespoke set up, whatever your requirements

Our 4eyez system comply with all Local Authority regulations in the UK, and can be adapted to fit any of your requirements.

With prices ranging from our basic one inward facing camera system, to 4 or 8 cameras with a full evidential system. We also offer multiple camera set ups for the bus and truck sectors, and full tracking systems for commercial vehicles.

How to get 4eyez installed

We have a national network of authorised installers ready to install your new system. Contact us today, and we’ll talk through your requirements before getting you set up with your local installer.