Within your vehicle there will be one or two audio buttons, please see image below. Some larger vehicles will require additional buttons.

This button will have a solid green and solid orange led light when the camera system is powered on. If the need arises to enable the audio recording press the green audio button. The red light on the device will flash and the green light will momentarily turn off. This signifies that the button has been pressed and audio is now recording.

To further signify that the audio is being recorded, the green led will strobe on and off until the audio timer stops and audio has been deactivated. A second press of the button, while audio is recording will restart the timer of the audio period. The length of this timer will depend on which council area you are with.

In short:

  1. The device will display a solid green light when audio is not recording.
  2. When pressed the device will flash red for a moment and turn on the audio recording for a pre-determined length of time.
  3. During this time the green led will be flashing on/off.
  4. A second press will restart the audio timer. (EG if the timer is set for 5 minutes and you press the button a second time after 2 minutes, the audio recording period will be 7 minutes).
  5. Once the audio timer has ended the green light will top flashing and return to a solid green colour.