4eyez is training mobile CCTV installers across the UK

While 4eyez designs, manufactures and distributes its products here in the UK, it requires professional installers to install its products, maintain and service and remove and re-install when the customer changes vehicle. Recognised as leading edge technology within the sectors it operates in, the 4eyez Taxi CCTV product is reliable, delivers what its customers wants and offers exceptional value for money.

In order to be eligible, the Company looks for Installers who should be able to demonstrate good auto electrical skills and have an understanding of current auto electrics including hybrid and electric vehicles. The Company trains installers to install in the least invasive way, thus lessening the affect of the systems installed into the prospective vehicles – the Company has spent an inordinate amount of time perfecting installation routes for cabling, siting cameras and panic/audio buttons while minimising holes being drilled into roof linings etc. Every vehicle is different and requires a different approach to the installation. 4eyez has been building a database of the cable routing, position of cameras (dependent on customer) and where to position the system unit in the vehicle. Importantly, where to take power, where to locate switches and how to fuse the system to prevent damage to both the vehicle and system unit. Ideally an installer will be time served or be able to provide documentation and or experience of their auto electrical ability during the hiring process.

The installers are paid for each installation (typically by the driver) as well as for annual maintenance in accordance to schedules (dependent on area) and type of product installed. Installers are also paid for system removal and re-installation – for when drivers change their vehicles. Basically once plugged in to the 4eyez ecosystem, the installer will achieve an income for the life of the product in their area.

As the Installers will effectively be front of house and trained by 4eyez on how to install, deal with customers, complaints as well as logging installations and ongoing maintenance of each install, maintenance, system removals and re-installations, the installer are expected to deal with any failures, customer complaints and any other queries. Installers generally fall into two categories: 1) distributor/installer for life of product and 2) installer for the initial installation as add on for larger quantity installations.

While we, like all others have turnover with our installers, we do have changes from time to time and the Company looks to support the customer during these times with its own installers, going to site and looking after installations while new installers are hired and trained.

Currently 4eyez operates in the following areas:

Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Rossendale, Lancashire
Newport, Cardiff
Guildford, Surrey
Bolsover, North East Derbyshire