The 4eyez taxi CCTV system is ultra reliable – once installed, the driver can forget about it until it requires removal and re-insertion into a replacement/new vehicle

4eyez is building a national network of independent installers to help install product but also to support the product in the field. This in turn will help the product and the driver stay on the road.

Initially the product is offered with a 12moth warranty. While we could simply put 2 and 3 or more years of warranty on the product, this will not help with the support nature of the product if anything goes wrong. What we offer here at 4eyez is unique to the market place. We offer drivers the opportunity from day one right up to the 365th day following installation, to take an annual maintenance product from 4eyez. This involves taking the vehicle to a local installer for the 4eyez system to be maintained. Following annual maintenance the driver will be offered a further 12 month warranty for the product. This will include one free visit to the installer for installer based issues and a free replacement system should the driver have a system defect/failure of any type. This will enable the driver to always have a 12 month warranty for his/her system.